Contact Information

Port of Morrow Main Office (541) 481-7678

Port of Morrow Maintenance Shop (541) 481-7467

Port of Morrow Warehousing (541) 945-1093

Port of Morrow SAGE Center (541) 481-7243

M-F   8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Port of Morrow
P. O. Box 200
2 East Marine Drive
Boardman, Oregon
(541) 481-7678

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The Port of Morrow staff stands ready to assist you and answer any questions.

Employee Position
lisam [aat} portofmorrow {d0t] com (Lisa Mittelsdorf) Executive Director
markp [aat} portofmorrow {d0t] com (Mark Patton) Chief Operations Officer
eileenh [aat} portofmorrow {d0t] com (Eileen Hendricks) Chief Financial Officer
BrandyW [aat} portofmorrow {d0t] com (Brandy Warburton) HR Generalist/Executive Assistant
natashar [aat} portofmorrow {d0t] com (Natasha Rockwell) Accounts Payable
JacobC [aat} portofmorrow {d0t] com (Jacob Cain) Director of Engineering
carmenm [aat} portofmorrow {d0t] com (Carmen Mendoza) Administrative/HR Specialist
dorid [aat} portofmorrow {d0t] com (Dori Drago) Payroll Specialist
MarcineB [aat} portofmorrow {d0t] com (Marcine Brangham) Warehouse Services Manager
TimP [aat} portofmorrow {d0t] com (Tim Patton) Utility and Maintenance Manager
Mariam [aat} portofmorrow {d0t] com (Maria Madrigal) Facility Coordinator
erikal [aat} portofmorrow {d0t] com (Erika Lasater) Communications Manager