Columbia Works for Employers

Columbia Works Internship Program

Are you interested in hosting a summer intern?

We would love to work with you on starting or promoting summer internships at your business.

How does it work?

Applicants can apply directly through employers or through the Columbia Works program. We will work with host employers on learning objectives and milestones for each intern.

Grant Opportunity

Businesses can apply for a matching grant through the Boardman Community Development Association or Willow Creek Valley Economic Development Group. 

Application for businesses in Boardman: 

Application for businesses in Heppner, Lexington, or Ione:

What is the timeline?

Deadline to submit an internship position is the end of November. Application period will be open early January - April 1.

Position Outreach

Outreach and promotion for all positions will be made through multiple outlets.

Professional Development

Columbia Works will coordinate and provide a free full day professional development workshop each July.

Questions to consider

Below are some questions to consider as an employer:

  • What intern positions would add value to our business?
  • How many interns are needed?
  • What is the target age group for your internship?
  • Is there a workspace identified for the intern?
  • Should our internship program be project based or work based?
  • Who will supervise the intern(s)?
  • Are there up to date intern position descriptions?
  • What learning objectives or milestones do we have in place?
  • What professional development skills do we want our interns to have?
  • How can Columbia Works support our intern program?


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