Advertisement for Bid: B.U.I.L.D. Columbia River Barge Terminal Rail Access Project

Project Description

(Supply of Materials only), (Supply of Materials, labor and Equipment) refer to bid documents and schedules for clarification.

Component 1 Rail improvements

Marine Drive

  • 2 new mainline turnouts with power derail and signaling
  • Add approximately (7) - 115# No. 11 turnouts/crossovers
  • Add approximately 14,320 linear feet of 115# track
  • Excavation of approximately 150,000 yards of fill
  • Remove and replace Terminal 2 scale and scale house

Component 2 - Road improvements

Ulman Blvd.

  • Impact walls and retaining walls placed under existing Ullman Drive bridge to provide pier protection and grade control on minimum clearance alignment between UPRR mainline and POM running track.

Marine Drive

  • Marine Drive Grinding/Demolition - existing asphalt surface demolition, approximately 4,810 ft long x 26 ft wide for realignment and profile improvements.
  • Marine Drive Subgrade Improvements – subgrade for new alignment and profile, fill compact and grade approximately 4,810 ft long x 53 ft wide for realignment and profile improvements.
  • Marine Drive Bridge Approaches - engineered fill/earthen approaches with geofabric improvements bound by approximately 1,688ft of ecology block MSE retaining walls.
  • Marine Drive Bridge Erection - of new pre-cast/pre-stressed concrete bridge, cast in place rails with safety fencing, approximately 123 ft long by 48 ft. wide, bearing on cast in place concrete abutments and wing walls constructed atop earthen approaches. 
  • Marine Drive Resurfacing - new 3” thick asphalt surface of new alignment/profile, approximately 4,810 ft long x 37 ft wide.
  • Marine Drive Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter – approximately 5.5 ft wide x 11,420 ft
  • Excavation of approximately 20,000 yard of cut, 80,000 yards of fill.
  • Addition of heavy haul route/ construction access road to include 3 new @ grade crossing earthen ramps to navigate extra heavy and long loads around the Marine Drive bridge and Ullman A venue bridge.

Component 3 - Utility Relocates

3.1 - Sewer station and line relocate/replace approximately 4,700 ft of sewer pipe
3.2 - 18” water main relocate/replace approximately 4,700 ft of 18” diameter water line
3.3 - Natural Gas Mainline locate and add/replace casing if necessary 
3.4 - Electrical lines relocate/replace approximately 4,760 ft of overhead distribution lines

Deadline and Instructions

Build: Columbia River Barge Terminal Rail Access Project must be submitted no later than 2:00 pm, local time, on 11/17/2022. At that time, they will be publicly opened. Bids will not be accepted after this hour and date. Port of Morrow will be acting as the General Contractor for this project.

Port of Morrow reserves the right to award or reject for good cause, any or all bids, or to postpone the award of the contract upon finding that it is in the public interest to do so. Each bid must contain a statement as to whether the bidder is a resident bidder, as defined in ORS 279a.120. The bidder is subject to all requirements regarding the payment of Prevailing Wage Rates per Public Works Project ORS 279c.800 to 279C.850.

A copy of the scope of work may be obtained on Insert Date Docs will be Available on Tuesday, October 25th. Please email Bids [aat} portofmorrow {d0t] com to obtain a copy. 

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