Port of Morrow Contact Information

Port of Morrow Maintenance Shop (541) 481-7467

Port of Morrow Warehousing (541) 945-1093

Port of Morrow SAGE Center (541) 481-7243

The Port of Morrow staff stands ready to assist you and answer any questions.

Employee Position
Gary Neal General Manager
Mark Patton Assistant General Manager
Lisa Mittelsdorf Economic Development Director
Eileen Hendricks Controller
Natasha Rockwell Accounts Payable
Ron McKinnis Engineer
Carmen Mendoza Administrative/HR Specialist
Dori Drago Payroll Specialist
Heather Cannell SAGE Center Manager
Ryan Neal Port of Morrow Warehousing Manager
Tim Patton Utility and Maintenance Manager
Maria Madrigal Facility Coordinator
Kalie Davis Workforce Training Coordinator